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Description and Prices of Dapol NDS

Img Cat-No Description Price
image of DCB73.gif DCB73 Dapol CL 73 metal chassis block L/hand & R/hand sides packed in pairs £12.30
image of DCL73.gif DCL73 Dapol CL 73 Motor in singles £14.05
image of NDS0001.gif NDS0001 CL 14xx motor (temp out of stock) POA
  NDS0010C Class 14xx/45xx chimney /body securing fitting £3.10
image of NDS0014-C.gif NDS0014-C Chassis for 14xx loco complete (temp out of stock sorry ) POA
image of NDS0045F.gif NDS0045F Class 45xx Front bogie complete £5.10
image of NDS0045R.gif NDS0045R Class 45xx Rear bogie complete £5.10
image of NDS00V0-L.gif NDS00V0-L lighting unit for voyger front or rear dummy car in singles £7.40
image of NDS00V0-LB.gif NDS00V0-LB Directional light board for Voyger front or rear dummy car in singles £7.40
  NDS0156CB CL156 Circuit board inc blanking chip £14.55
  NDS066BS CL 66 Bogie sideframes packed in singles £3.05
  NDS066CB CL66 Low Emission Circuit board inc Blanking chip £14.55
image of NDS067DL.gif NDS067DL CL67 light units 2 in pack £7.40
  NDS073B Class 73 Buffers packed in 4s NOW in STOCK £1.80
  NDS073BS CL 73 Bogie sideframes packed in singles £3.05
  NDS073PP CL73 Drive shafts packed in 2s £3.50
image of NDS0HDG.gif NDS0HDG Hymek top drive gear for bogie tower packed in 2s £2.90
  NDS0HMB Hymek Buffers packed in 4s £1.80

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